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FANUC A99L-0107-0007#6-A A99L-0159-0353#SSET A99L-0107-0007/6-A Filter cartridge Ultra-Clean (Ø 340 x 300 mm)1 µm

●Application: Write-cut EDM
●OEM numbers:A99L-0107-0007#6-A A99L-0159-0353#SSET A99L-0107-0007/6-A
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 Product Description

◆OEM numbers:A99L-0107-0007#6-A A99L-0159-0353#SSET A99L-0107-0007/6-A

◆Size:Ø 340 x 300 mm) 1 µm

◆Machine type:Fanuc α-0iB with AWF, Fanuc α-0iB without AWF, Fanuc α-0iC with AWF, Fanuc α-0iC without AWF, Fanuc α-0iD with AWF, Fanuc α-0iD without AWF, Fanuc α-0iE with AWF, Fanuc α-0iE without AWF, Fanuc α-1iB with AWF, Fanuc α-1iB without AWF, Fanuc α-1iC with AWF, Fanuc α-1iC without AWF, Fanuc α-1iD P, Fanuc α-1iD with AWF, Fanuc α-1iD without AWF, Fanuc α-1iE with AWF, Fanuc α-1iE without AWF, Fanuc α-C400iA with AWF, Fanuc α-C400iA without AWF, Fanuc α-C400iB with AWF, Fanuc α-C400iB without AWF, Fanuc α-C600iA with AWF, Fanuc α-C600iA without AWF, Fanuc α-C600iB with AWF, Fanuc α-C600iB without AWF, Fanuc α-C800iA with AWF, Fanuc α-C800iA without AWF, Fanuc α-C800iB with AWF, Fanuc α-C800iB without AWF

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